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Upper Body

Upper Body

Here are all of the workouts to help you focus on upper body strength as well as core. Enjoy!

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Upper Body
  • 21 min Upper Body and Core Strength + Dumbbells

    Chest press + rotation
    Narrow to wide press
    Squat press
    Mountain Climbers

    Single bent over row
    Push up shuffle
    Lateral arm shuffle

    Curl to press
    hammer curl to press
    Curl to squat

    Upright Row
    Lateral Raise
    Walk out to push up
    Mountain Climbers

  • Upper Body and Abs Strength 35 min

    Grab a light to medium set of dumbbells and join me on the mat and let's get after it!

  • Upper Body Dumbbell 20

    1 dumbbell - marches
    Overhead circles
    Power jacks
    Reach out and in / bicep curls / rotate / pulses

    Renegade rows / into push ups X3

    Seated overhead press work
    Kneeling tricep kickbacks

    1/2 Tabata push ups to finish

  • Pilates Upper Body & Abs Burn

    Roll Downs
    The Hundred
    The Roll Up
    Single Leg Circles
    Ab Series + Table Top
    Tricep Dips
    Pilates Push Ups

  • Abs + Upper Body Strength

  • Upper Body Dumbbells in 17

    Shoulder rolls
    Reach out
    Bicep curls/pulsesX2
    Hammer head V curls/pulses X2
    Overhead press 10/10/10
    Bent over rows
    Forward lift/pull back/lower alt.X10 sets

  • Band Day 2 - Upper Body

    Shoulder rolls
    Reach overhead
    Press out
    Bicep curls
    Tricep kick backs
    Plank reaches
    Push ups
    Crunches + leg presses
    Curled up diamond rotation
    Seated serve the platter
    Seated row
    Ab series
    Mountain climbers to finish

  • Strength Day 1 - Upper Body

    Shoulder Rolls
    Reach out and in + twist
    Overhead with step
    Power Jacks
    Seated Press starting at chest
    Goal post pulses
    Core arms upLower lift/scissors
    Fly into tricep kick back
    Bicep curl into v’s
    Renegade Rows
    Mountain Climbers
    Burpees to finish 45 1 min.

  • Toned Arms & Abs

    Cat/cow - bird/dog - hover and walk up and down the mat
    Single leg stretch / criss cross x3
    Scissors / criss cross x3

    Jump rope
    Squat + twist + side to side X3

    DD taps across ankle
    DD push ups
    Plank box

    Ab series backwards
    Forearm side plank with twist
    Other side

    Forearm plank mi...

  • Upper Body & Core Flex

    Enjoy this core focused workout that will get your abs feeling the fire all the while adding in arm work to match. Enjoy!

  • JDP REPLAY 8.10 Upper Body & Abs

    Lots of upper body, not a lot of planks/push ups. We do 1 set of push ups and the only time you're in a plank is when you're doing burpees. I give plenty of options in this workout if you're not a fan of burpees and want to do something else instead. Enjoy!

  • JDP REPLAY 7.20 Upper Body & Abs

    Start off the Dancer abs and feel the burn throughout this upper body and abs workout.

  • JDP REPLAY 7.13 Upper Body & Core

    Have fun feeling the triceps and core a ton on this one. Enjoy!

  • Zoom 6.28 Cardio Sculpt Upper Body/Abs

    Tons of upper body today with a fun arm sequence that not only tones, but will get your hear rate up too! Enjoy!

  • Zoom 6.23 Cardio Sculpt Upper Body + Abs

    Have at it in this sweaty workout. Burpees galore!

  • Zoom 6.15 Upper Body/Abs

    Have at it! Feel the core burn. xoxo

  • Zoom 6.8 Cardio Sculpt Upper Body/Abs

    This workout has an extra emphasis on the core.

  • Zoom 6.1 Cardio Sculpt Upper Body + Abs

    Lot's of core, sprinkled in the rm work and ended with a mountain climber push to get the heart rate up. Enjoy!

  • Zoom 5.25 Cardio Sculpt - Upper Body/Abs

    Have fun with this workout. Half tabatas, tons of abs, oh my!

  • Zoom Cardio Sculpt 5.18 Upper Body + Abs

    Here is your zoom workout for upper body and abs! This arm workout doesn't include push ups which will be great to do for anyone with wrist issues. There are modifications that can be made for mountain climbers as well. Enjoy!

  • Zoom 5.11 Abs/Upper Body workout

    I felt our bodies needed a mini break from the jumping so took out the cardio and went deep into core and upper body work. Enjoy!

  • Zoom 5.4 Cardio Sculpt - Upper Body/Abs

    Have fun with this one! We added in a burpee challenge and everyone accepted! Nice job!

  • I'm With the Band - Upper Body

    My favorite item to travel with? These bands! You can take them anywhere and get a great workout in.

    Lift overhead and lower.
    Press out.
    Single arm press outs.
    Chest expansion.
    90 degree lifts.
    Bicep curls.
    Triceps extension.
    All fours, reach out.
    Mini plank, reach out.
    Plank hold.

  • Zoom Cardio Sculpt 4.21 - Upper Body/Abs Focus

    ICYMI Zoom Tabata Tuesday! Get after this upper body/core focused routine.