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Ab Challenge, Lower Body Challenge, Healthy Habits Challenge, and now your Pilates Powerhouse Challenge is all here for you!

  • Small Ball Challenge

    6 items

    30 full days to challenge your body and get to know more exercises with your small stability ball.

  • September Ab Challenge

    30 items

    Take the 30 day challenge with brand new workouts coming your way everyday in September. Each core workout is only ten minuets long. You've got the time. Let's go!

  • Foam Roll in Feb

    6 items

    Here are six foam rolling videos, less than 10 minutes long. Add them into your routine and notice the difference of muscles tightness, soreness, circulation and so much more.

  • Pilates Powerhouse

    11 items

    This Pilates Powerhouse series is designed to ease you into the practice, help you become more familiar with all of the exercises and help feel better all around!

  • Four Week Healthy Habits Challenge

    11 items

    I designed this challenge for you to get consistent and create smaller habits that will get you big wins in the long run. All these workouts are 5-15 minutes. Want more? Add in more workouts when your body and mind feel up to it!

  • 20 Day Ab Challenge

    25 items

    Every workout is in order for you for each day of the challenge. Follow the order (or do your own thing if you must) and post/tag me in each day of the challenge!

  • Three Week Lower Body Challenge

    12 items

    Each workout will be published for you and I'll send reminders for which workout to do weekly. Have fun with it! Tag me in your photos and enjoy!