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Feel Good

Feel Good

Foam roll, stretch, slow down - these are workouts that matter the most in my opinion. Take the time, feel good, and then your body will be ready for your next push. Enjoy!

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Feel Good
  • Yoga Feel Good Flow 30

    It's hard to slow down on our own. Grab your yoga blocks and let me help you slow down, open up, and stretch it out. Enjoy!

  • Sunday Stretch 30

    Stretch it out today!

  • Sunday Slow Down Stretch 30

    Deep breaths
    Shoulder rolls
    Roll Ups with stretch
    Side Bend Stretch
    Crescent Lunge with side reach
    Swan with shoulder stretch
    Straddle with rotation
    Straddle rotation
    Waterfall pose

  • Stretch and Recover 30 min.

    Think of this as a dancer's stretch workout.

  • Foam Roll 30 min.

    Struggle to foam roll on your own? Here you go! 30 min total body foam roll.

  • Feel Good Foam Roll

    Full Body foam rolling to release tightness and get your body moving more gracefully into the new year. Enjoy!

  • Foam Rolling & Core

    Enjoy this quick 20 min foam rolling and core workout to help with muscle fatigue, increase your mobility and just feel good!!!

  • Zoom 5.13 Foam Rolling

    This "pre workout" is great to do before any workout. Foma rolling helps prevent injuries and muscles soreness. Get on that foam rolling and start moving!