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Full Body

Full Body

All workouts targeting full body for you to sweat to. Enjoy!

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Full Body
  • Zoom 6.12 Cardio Sculpt Full Body

    40 minutes of fun, sweat, and community. Enjoy!

  • Zoom Cardio Sculpt 6.4 Full Body

    FULL BODY for sure!

  • Zoom 5.29 Full Body Pilates

    Body need a little break from cardio? This full body Pilates workout will feel great!

  • Zoom 5.22 Cardio Sculpt Full Body

    Full body workout with a fun skater jump exercise. Have at it!

  • Zoom 5.15 Cardio Sculpt Full Body

    Just under 40 minutes. Plenty of time to warm up, and sweat it out in this full body cardio sculpt zoom workout. Enjoy!

  • Zoom 5.8 Cardio Sculpt Full Body

    In this full body workout we try out some new moves, add in some fun jumping jack sets, and definitely get sweaty. Enjoy!

  • Zoom 5.2 Cardio Sculpt Full Body

    Get your sweat on in the full body cardio sculpt class. No equipment needed, but if you have a booty band or ankle weights, keep them near by. Enjoy!

  • Zoom Cardio Sculpt 4.25 Full Body

    This Full Body workout will get you nice and sweaty and work all of those muscle groups too. Have fun!

  • Zoom Cardio Sculpt 4.15

    Full Body workout taking out all planks for anyone with shoulder or wrist issues.

  • Full Body Burn

    Jumping jacks
    Air squats + twist
    Inch worms
    Plank twists
    Plank knee to nose + oblique lifts
    The hundred
    Tricep dips
    Ab series
    Shoulder bridges
    Push ups

  • Barre Burn with Weights

    The weights are always optional! In just ten minutes, you'll feel all of your muscles get a great workout. Barre always brings me back to my dance days.

    Heel lift pulses
    Plies with pulses and heel lifts
    Reverse lunge pulses + second position plies
    All fours, rows + triceps

  • Magic Circle Workout

    When holding onto the circle, make sure to keep the fingers long. When the circle is near the ankles, think that you hug onto the circle from your upper inner thighs.

    Upper body warm up
    Table top hugs into the circle
    Magic circle marches
    The hundred
    The roll up with stretch
    Single l...

  • Ballin' - Stability Ball Workout

    If you don't have a stability ball just yet, you can use a pillow or do all of this without the ball. It's still a great workout!
    Planks - shifts, leg lifts, shoulder taps
    Ball below the taps of the shoulder blades - crunches, pulses, table leg crunches, add twist,
    All fours...